2018 Goals, Dreams & Ambitions – What To Expect From This Blog

Happy New Year from Sydney, Australia! I woke up this morning feeling completely overwhelmed at what I witnessed last night. I started 2018 off ticking off the highest dream on my bucket list – Sydney’s New Year fireworks, and I still can’t quite believe how I managed to make that dream a reality.

I think New Years resolutions are brilliant. It’s a chance to start something new, it gives people the opportunities to better themselves and it also marks the start of happiness and positivity in the new year. This year will be the first that I haven’t actually set any New Years resolutions (mainly because I never stick to them or even start them for that matter) – but I have written out the goals I would like to achieve over the next year.

Stop Giving Up On Things I Love

I hate to admit it, but I’m absolutely terrible at sticking to things I love. I started running last year and when I got pretty good at it, I quit. I gave up on my photography ambitions and I’ve given up on my blog more times than I can remember. The truth is, life does genuinely get in the way and that makes it easier to push things to one side for a long, long time. I do love writing and blogging and this comeback will be a bit of a different one because I have so much going on. I’m travelling, I’m constantly on the go and it is the first time I’ve been open to my friends and family about it (yikes). I guess that adds a bit of pressure but the feedback I keep getting from them pushes me a bit further.

Whitsundays – Great Barrier Reef

We’re extremely lucky as we’ve ticked off so many wonderful things on the list during our first two months in Australia, and I’m sure there are still so many more places to add to the list of must sees. However,  swimming in the Greater Barrier Reef and visiting the islands on the Whitsundays are at the top, for me anyway. We haven’t set a particular date, but winter is allegedly supposed to be the best time of year to visit (no rain). Our rough plan is to drive up to Cairns in June, and camp during our way up.

New Zealand

After Australia, New Zealand is my next go to destination… it would be rude not to give the country a cheeky visit whilst we’re down here. I’m hoping we make it around October time or whenever we’re ready to leave Australia – but preferably before Christmas.

Lightroom and Photography

Over the last year I’ve fallen completely in love with photography and editing even more so. I bought Lightroom just before we came out to Australia and I think I’ve finally got to grips with it all. Eventually I want to be able to upload my presets onto my blog for people to download them for free, or provide tutorials for beginners. My Instagram has already seen an improvement since introducing Lightroom to my editing, as it’s given me the freedom to edit my photos exactly how I want them.


I wasn’t going to put myself under any pressure for Blogging, but I’ve enjoyed it so much recently and my goal is to post as regularly as I can – but without writing mixed up shit or worrying about the traffic it may or not bring. I think the key is to set realistic goals, something I’ve never done, and in order to stay in love with writing I need to stop putting too much pressure on myself.

And for now, that’s pretty much it. Being in Australia for the whole year is enough to make 2018 the most memorable year. I don’t think I’ve ever been so ready or felt so positive about going into a New Year before, and I’m so excited to share everything directly onto this blog. Follow me on Insta here for daily videos and photos featuring highlights from my trip over the course of the year for more!



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