My Jet Lag Horror Story – Don’t Make The Mistakes I Did

“Nah, jet lag won’t effect me, tiredness doesn’t usually bother me, it can’t be that difficult, I’ll be fine.” Jesus Christ was I wrong. Jet lag hit me like a ton of bricks – worse than most cases apparently, as many people have loved telling me. I was tired (obv), my head was gone for a few days and I was physically sick. Not only that, I also suffered from a bloody sinus infection – something I’ve never had before. 

So if you are about to jump on a long haul flight to the other side of the world and think you’ll be fine, chances are you will suffer from jet lag in some possible way. I woke up on Saturday morning I threw up. I slept all afternoon and it took a good few days to finally feel myself again. Until I was struck down by a heavy cold which turned out to be an awful sinus infection and being on antibiotics for a week. I lost all sense of taste and smell, and I was in agony, and I mean agony, in my mouth. I woke up every morning at 5am for three days crying my eyes out in pain, for it all to turn out to be a sinus infection – something common in long haul flights.

I’ve put a small guide together featuring everything I did wrong during my first ever long haul flight, and if I was you, I wouldn’t make the mistakes I did…

The Mistakes 

I didn’t sleep – I couldn’t sleep. Our flight was at 8am meaning we had to be at the airport at 5am, resulting in at least 3 hours sleep the night before. I was already knackered before the journey even began.

I couldn’t sleep because of the people in front of me – I should’ve complained and next time I will. The people in front of us all had their seats extended back – not just to sleep, but throughout the whole 13 hour flight during several films, through eating and brief naps. We literally had no room to sleep or relax. It was hot, I became restless and I was so claustrophobic. Jack is 6ft tall and had to adjust his legs to get comfortable – kicking the seat in the process (he had no choice). The woman actually turned around and have him the dirtiest look (bitch).

Drinking Caffeine  I drank a lot of Coca Cola throughout my flights and some say this is a baaad idea and probably didn’t help with my sinus infection. Hydration is key to everything, so take full advantage of the free water provided throughout your flight. TOP TIP – empty a bottle of water before your flight and ask the flight attendants to fill it up. You can’t take any liquids onto the plane with you that are over 100ml, but an empty bottle should be fine.

Staying up late – The night we got there we stayed up until 1am and woke up at 5am. We should have gone to bed pretty much straight away and had a half decent sleep. This meant that I had around 10 hours sleep in 4 days, which really isn’t recommended.

Choose a better flight – Our flight was the cheapest option, so of course, we bought the ticket. But this meant the first flight was 7 hours long and the next flight 14 hours. We flew with Etihad Airways, however we have heard several times to go for Singapore Airlines in future. Their longest flight is the first half, shortest second.





14 thoughts on “My Jet Lag Horror Story – Don’t Make The Mistakes I Did

  1. Thanks for sharing this. Hydration is really important key to everything and I realize I shouldn’t have avoided drinking water in flight. Once Jet Lag had hit me so hard when I flew long flight from west to east too. I kept waking up at 2 am and couldn’t sleep normal for more than a week.

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  2. Aw no, I’m sorry to hear this. We flew with Singapore airlines, took off pretty late in the evening in London, landed in Singapore just before 5pm, had an 8-hour layover, and then landed in Brisbane at about 10am I think! I hardly slept, but the long layover really helped. We then napped when we got in our hostel at around midday and only for an hour, and went to sleep around 8/9pm. We were lucky and it gave us a great sleeping schedule in those early weeks when we needed to get a lot done!

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    1. That’s the perfect way to do it, we only had a 2 hour layover and got into Brisbane at 5:30pm! We should’ve just gone straight to sleep but we were too excited! I think the air conditioning on the plane gave me the sinus infection and the exhaustion made me sick!


  3. Sleep is vital – I can’t compromise on that and make sure I get a good nights’ sleep before the flight. I usually manage ago sleep a little on an overnight flight but not on a daytime outbound flight. I don’t do caffeine at all but I really need to improve on drinking more water. Sitting near annoying people is one of the biggest dampeners to your journey, hopefully you won’t be quite so unlucky on future trips

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  4. Wow thank you for sharing!! I’m going to experience my first long haul flight in February and I’m quite nervous! These are some great tips, I’ll definitely keep this in mind! So sorry this has happened to you though! 💕

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    1. I’m so glad this may help you! There isn’t anything to worry about, just keep hydrated, wear comfy clothes and take something to read or listen to and you’ll be fine 😊 you’ll also have tons of films and tv shows to watch too! X

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