The Worst Part of Travel

It’s a Friday night in Australia, right at the very end of The Great Ocean Road, I’ve just FaceTimed my family and I’m feeling quite down, like I’m craving something more from my year long adventure. I miss home an awful lot, and nothing can prepare you for how much you’ll miss the simpler life at home. At the moment it currently feels like we are waiting the days to end, it has been raining heavily during our time here, forcing our trips to different attractions to be cut short. 

I’ve been on this road trip for two weeks now and although the rewards of stunning views and beaches are at the end of every difficult journey, it’s hard. It sounds ungrateful, I know, and of course I understand how lucky I am to be doing what I’m doing, but that doesn’t mean travelling is easy. Cheap motel to motel, one location to the next, having the fear of the unknown – I miss my home comforts, I miss being able to settle in one place for more than a week. Our road trip ends on Thursday and we have no idea where we’re staying from then or even what state we’ll be in.

Then there’s money to constantly think about. Having the worry of money in the back of your mind during everything you do, and being unsure if or when the hundreds of jobs I’ve applied for will even get in contact with you, is stressful. At home I had the comfort of knowing when I worked and how much I’d earn a week, so having no guarantee of any form of income from either side is uncomfortable.

But it’s worth it, all of it. If I went into travelling expecting a luxury year away from home, finding the perfect job straight away and thinking every part of it would be perfect, I’d be naive. Travelling brings sacrifices, like so many things. There isn’t anything wrong about living in a comfort zone, but sometimes individuals need to escape for a year or two in order to figure everything out – that’s me.

I miss my family more than anything and I’ve a handful of nights deafened by my own thoughts, but I’m travelling. I’m experiencing something I never thought was possible, and for a few months, the sacrifices have to be made.


7 thoughts on “The Worst Part of Travel

  1. Money is a constant worry for me too. I too have been traveling for a while but am cutting my trip short to go back home to “reset” myself. It will be much needed as I plan ahead. Kindling to see that Im not the only one.

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    1. I can’t believe how much money we’ve managed to spend in such a short period of time! I think eventually I’ll have to do the same as you, go back home and save up again and hopefully begin another adventure elsewhere!

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  2. I have never been away for an extensively long period of time, but can totally sympathise with what you are saying. Thank you for such an honest review of your experience, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip regardless of the difficulties! xox

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