Why Travel Has Made Me Feel More Lost Than Ever

Seven hours ago, I experienced my first job interview in Australia. Being honest, having to get a job whilst travelling wasn’t ideal, but I suppose every backpacker needs to do this in order to continue travelling. But ever since the interview, I’ve started to question everything. I’ve had far too many hours of alone time for my own good today, and as a result, my mind feels completely mumbled by my own thoughts.

The purpose of coming to Australia for a year was to discover myself, and to figure out what I really want in life and for my future. I know what I want, but it’s a dream, and something that is very unlikely to happen in a years time – if ever. So that leads me to thinking – “what do I actually want from life?” And the answer is – I don’t know, and being away from home has confused me more than ever.

A blog post keeps appearing on my Facebook timeline “how travel killed my ambition”, and it made me think a lot. Travelling hasn’t actually inspired me to find my dream career, well not what I thought, but instead it has driven me more and more to travel the rest of the world. Instead of thinking about my future, I’m organising trips to New Zealand, extending my wish list in Australia, and writing a list of countries to road trip to around Europe next summer. I’ve thought of visiting countries I would never have even thought of.

So I guess in someways, travelling has killed my ambition. It’s killed my ambition to work in a normal 9-5 job in Manchester, as I want more. I set myself a challenge at the end of last year to daily blog in January, a goal that I kept to myself, and a part from three missed days due to no WiFi, I’ve managed to stick with it. And as a result, I’ve fallen so deeply in love with travel and lifestyle writing, as well as travel photography, and now I want nothing to get in the way of that.

Is Being Lost a Good Thing? 

This is a quote from Silvia – “I used to think that life would be scary without a plan, but now it’s the thought of sticking to one that scares me”, and this made me realise that perhaps feeling lost isn’t a bad thing after all. At the moment I am in love with experiencing new things in a new country, far away from reality, far away from the real world. Maybe that’s dangerous in the long run, but living in the moment is the only thing I can currently do. I don’t actually need any form of plan right now, I need to focus on what is currently making me happy – and that is travel.

Silvia then goes into the thought that maybe travel has made her lazy and selfish, killing her work ethic – as she cannot imagine having the sort of focus for a job. And that’s when the post really got to me. Those thoughts are everything I am currently experiencing. I haven’t figured out what I want to do in life as right now, I can’t imagine having a normal job, and that’s because I absolutely love travelling.

Travelling the world has been something I’ve wanted to experience for as long as I can remember, and I’m lucky enough to be living my dream. There really isn’t any need to focus on my future or worrying about what I’m doing to do when I settle back at home. My main priority should be to live in the moment and make the most out of everything travelling has to offer.

We live in a big world with billions of people, nobody is the same, we all have dreams and ambitions, some people are supposed to know exactly what they want, others are lost like me, trying to make a living out of what they truly love – even if it’s far fetched. Right now, I guess I’m not supposed to know what career I want, I know it’ll happen somebody, but for me, the world is big and it is beautiful, and I believe that there is so much more to life than worrying and stressing over things out of our control. We can’t force things, we can’t predict the future, life is for living in the moment, enjoying every moment, experiencing new things, living out of our comfort zones.

To conclude, from Silvia – “travel has taught me: the world is big, with an endless number of ways to live in it” – and when I read this, I never felt so relaxed about my fear of my future. We are all supposed to live different lives, and that is what makes life so special and unique.

Visit Silvia’s Blog Here – https://www.heartmybackpack.com


8 thoughts on “Why Travel Has Made Me Feel More Lost Than Ever

  1. Having such a cut and dry, capitalist view of “ambition” is pretty crazy, but I know what you’re saying. Set your own definitions! Why does ‘ambition’ have to mean joining the rat race at a young age and earning as much money as possible until you die? Ambition could be about working to build yourself up and becoming fulfilled through a long surfeit of experience.

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  2. Interesting stuff, I’ve been meaning to write my perspective on this for a while. Not too sure about the whole ‘travel to find yourself’ thing. Amazing reasons to travel, this one isn’t one I’ve found

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