Appreciate Your Parents More, Please

Starting a blog post is a challenge in itself. I have dozens of headlines jotted down within the notes of my phone, ready to be inspired at any moment – or should I say, hoping to be inspired sooner rather than later, and the majority of the time, it never happens. I have so many empty pages of unwritten sentences all over the place, gone to waste and they are more than likely never going to be finished.

For me, I could be sat doing absolutely nothing, listening to music, or reading a new blog post to be inspired. I really admire the bloggers and writers who can sit down and write and still make a post as gripping and brilliant. Right now, I’m currently sat on the bed of my Air BnB, on my own, alone with my own thoughts. Travelling has got me thinking about the important things in life, and the things that really matter. A beach watching the sunset, a barbecue behind me, with my favourite songs on in the background, or sat in my living room in Manchester watching Coronation Street with my family. I’d choose the latter.

Since being here, I’ve been constantly asked whether or not I could live in Australia, and every time I will provide a different answer. Different scenarios here usually influence my opinion, however ultimately, I would always say no – if I had to. Beaches, the weather and the lifestyle Australia provides is everything anyone could wish for, a part from home. Australia isn’t home, my friends and family aren’t here, Manchester isn’t here, love isn’t here.

Throughout my twenty two years, I’ve never realised how much I take a hug from my mum and dad whenever I wanted, for granted, until I wasn’t able to. Or being able to text or phone whenever I needed to (time difference sucks). I miss a simple heart to heart with my mum about anything in the world, and having a laugh with my dad about things that don’t matter.

The harsh truth is, the little things at home aren’t available to me for a year whilst I live my dream, but one day those things are never going to be available to me. It sounds depressing, but it’s true. Appreciating the little things that make you happy are so unbelievably important, yet we take them all for granted. Choosing a life in the sun sounds like perfection, but in reality it isn’t because my family aren’t here with me.

I thought travelling would broaden my mind to knowing what I wanted for my future, but instead it has highlighted – for me personally, what life is all about regarding the important aspects. Family is everything, and so is home. And I think it’s sad that it’s taken time away to help me realise this.

The question I ask myself is: What makes you the happiest in life? My answer – family.

So, as much as I’m having the time of my life – Dirty Dancing didn’t come to mind I swear, nothing is as important as being at home spending quality moments with my loved ones in rainy Manchester. Therefore, appreciate your parents more, folks. I know it can be difficult and I understand they might get on your nerves, but you aren’t perfect. And at the end of the day, they are always going to be the ones who are there for you and to support you.


4 thoughts on “Appreciate Your Parents More, Please

  1. Even being away for a few weeks makes you recognise the importance of family and just how much we should cherish every moment of being around them. Thank you for writing this reminder and I wish you all the best for the rest of your time in Australia xox

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