10 Things You Might Not Know

As I write this, it’s the afternoon of my first Australia Day and I’m so excited – I’ve been looking forward to today from the moment I arrived in the lovely Aus, we’ve already had ‘heaps’ of fun – I mean, we ate watermelon on the beach, and during the evening we made a salad, had a few drinks and watch the tennis – perfect.  Anyhoo, over the weekend I was tagged in the ‘five things about me tag’ by the lovely Nicole (check out her Vlogs – they’re great), and considering I share a lot of my adventures and thoughts on here, I figured it would be pretty cool if I wrote them down as a post.

My Ancestry is Nigerian – Yep, really. I love telling people this fact, simply because I don’t think there are many blonde haired, blue eyed girls in the world with a black family. On my dad’s side of the family, his dad – my Grandad, is black, and my Nana is white. It’s a long, long, story. But check out Paul Hardcastle on Google, he’s my Grandads brother and I’m sure your parents will be familiar with the name or his song ‘19.’

I’m from Manchester – and proud. My family are all proud Mancunians and it’s definitely rubbed off on me. I do believe that Mancs are the best sorta people – perhaps I’m biased, but if you haven’t visited Manchester, I would highly recommend it. Manchester will always be home, and for some reason I still can’t bare to part with it – even if Australia is the perfect place to be. Everything could change, but I can’t wait to settle down in the future surrounded by my family and friends in good ol’ Manchester.

I’m a pretty good footballer – Growing up, football was my life. I played on both boys and girls teams, became a captain, became a top goal scorer, and scored the golden goal in the final of a tournament on my 12th Birthday. I had the opportunity to play semi professionally, however I hated the training, it took the fun out of it all. About a few years later, we all grew up and became more interested in make up and fashion.

I have terrible eye sight – I wear contact lenses more or less every single day, as my glasses annoy me. But when I say I have terrible eyesight, I guarantee that you’ve never met anyone with worse eyes than I have. I’ve been wearing contact lenses from Year 8 and I really don’t know what I’d do without them.

Growing up my dream was to live in Australia – And now I’m here! I genuinely never thought I’d make it to Australia, and three months in I’m still pinching myself. Although living in Australia would be incredible, I’m not quite ready to make the decision whether or not I’d choose to live here. I miss Manchester an awful lot – the people; the restaurants, the bars, the nightlife, and of course, my family and friends. Ever since I embarked on my travels, I’ve had a serious case of the travel bug and the list of countries to visit is getting longer and longer.

I’ll always have a special place for Greece – My mum used to talk about Greece all the time when I was growing up. I’d visited places in Greece as a child – however it wasn’t until I was a little older until I fell head over heels for the mainland and the islands. Next year my aim is to travel around Europe and end it the trip island hopping in Greece. I also have an embarrassing Greek playlist I love jamming out to in my bedroom…

I worked at Manchester United – I worked as a waitress and a supervisor for three years at one of the stadiums many restaurants. After that, I worked on an open tourist farm for 18 months before coming to Australia – I also met Jack here, too!

My biggest fear in life – is losing my parents. I couldn’t imagine life without them.

I love, love, love chocolate – I have the worst sweet tooth going. I genuinely struggle not eating chocolate or sweets.

My all time favourite song is Wherever You Will Go – by The Calling. The song is mine and my mum’s song. We used to play it as loud as we can and sing it at the top of our voices whenever it came on in the car. I haven’t listened to it once since being away from home, and I avoided it when at university, too.


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