Learning to Make the Most of Life Before It’s Too Late

One of my favourite aspects of travel is being able to switch off from the world; avoiding the reality of a regular life at home, and being completely free of any priorities. There are of course, the downsides; like everything else, and I’ll be the first to admit that I find myself moaning about unimportant factors that have happened throughout the week. The thing I’ve discovered about travel is that you have an ability to forget reality. Everything is unreal in my world, I’m ticking off my bucket list every other week and I’m thousands of miles away from Manchester – so it becomes easy to disconnect.

Without going into any detail on Jack’s behalf, shit has happened at home for both of us. On Tuesday evening, Jack was sat at a desk producing his music and I was sat on the bed writing up blog a post. Beforehand; we took a stroll on our nearest beach, discussing our future travel plans and listening to our favourite playlist on Spotify – oblivious to how lucky we are to be living in this memorable moment/year together, travelling around Australia.

In the last week, Jack and myself both received bad news from home regarding the health of family members.  Recently; I received the news that my cousin has been diagnosed with Cervical Cancer, and around an hour before I sat down to write this post; we found out Jack’s bad news, which for me, put everything in to perceptive. Life is too short. My cousin will endure Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy and Brachytherapy – the latter unfortunately causing infertility and an induced menopause at the age of 29 – yet despite this, she has kept nothing but positive.  All that matters to her is kicking cancers’ arse and getting better for her two young children.

Last night; I became stressed and disheartened about my blog traffic decreasing, this morning I sulked because I’m still unemployed, yesterday morning I felt sorry for myself because I had to walk to the train station in 30+ degree heat and earlier this week I was stressing over a small skin breakout.  But nothing I’ve just listed is important.  It’s a shame that bad things have to occur in order for anyone to realise how insignificant the small things are. Most of my worries tend to be scenarios that don’t affect my health or my future – instead; they’re worries that I can mostly change with a positive mindset.

A big worry recently is having to cut our time in Australia short due to quickly running out of money. However, after selling the car, we will still have enough money to see the rest of Queensland and New Zealand – the worst case is going home earlier than we originally planned.  It’s taken a batch of bad news for us to realise that our biggest worry, shouldn’t be a worry. We’d still be going home after seeing the places we’d originally planned to see in Australia and New Zealand – so what’s the moping around for?

When things go wrong, it’s difficult to keep positive – we are humans after all. However; it’s important to remember that life is too short, and nobody knows what could be waiting for us around the corner. So next time I’m sulking around the streets of a quiet suburb in Brisbane because I have to walk somewhere, or if the performance of my blog is doing, well, shit, I’m going to make the effort to shrug it off. Keeping a positive mindset is incredibly beneficial to your health, so why not give it a go?


2 thoughts on “Learning to Make the Most of Life Before It’s Too Late

  1. I’m so sorry both of you have had bad news – hearing about health issues with family members (especially when you aren’t around) is horrible because you can just feel so powerless😭 it definitely puts things in perspective though! Great post xx

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    1. Thank you so much for such a lovely comment 😊 fingers crossed everything should be fine, but you’re right, it really does help you to understand how lucky we are and how we take things for granted! Xx


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