Cheating, Heartbreak and Let Downs – What it Feels Like to Finally be in Love

I’ve been unsure whether or not to post this. Valentines Day generally means nothing to me; I’ve never celebrated it with anyone and today that tradition will continue. But as I love reading about other people’s love stories; I figured it would be fun to write about my happy ending with Jack – especially as he plays a huge and vital part in this travel blogging journey; (photos, ideas, guests post etc). Like most people, I’ve had my fair share of terrible experiences and relationships, with some being particularly damaging, but eventually – things will begin to take a turn for the better.

I began my first ‘proper’ relationship at the age of 18. I’d just started university, I found a new found freedom away from home and talking to boys became easy. Growing up, I never really received attention from boys, so when most of my friends were out with new boyfriends or dating around, whilst I was either on my own or being messed around by boys – it felt crappy. At university things quickly changed, and at the time, I thought I was falling in love.

The Cheat

Without going into any detail; I was cheated on – a lot, in my first relationship. Throughout the whole year we were together he’d mess me around; let me down; make empty promises and sleep around behind my back. He booked our first holiday out of guilt – a holiday I spent all of my savings on; he’d do things without telling me and he’d lie about where he was. On top of this, he’d call me a dog, spotty and ugly during arguments, going as far to call my parents horrid names. My self esteem was at the lowest it ever has been when I eventually ended the relationship, and also whilst I was in it. I was lucky enough to find the confidence to leave, and after a couple of days, I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I felt free, happy, and relaxed for the first time in over a year.

When I Was Dumped for Another Girl

After over a year of being a strong independent woman – my second relationship appeared from nowhere. I don’t regret the relationship, but it was pretty pointless. We were only together for around four months, but we’d met each others family; walked our dogs; spent a fortune on birthday presents and spent an awful lot of time together – and then, out of nowhere, I was dumped. To be honest, I didn’t see it coming and I was quite happy with how our relationship was going – but I apparently became too boring for him (his words, not mind) – the cheek! Anyway, it turns out he met another girl and began a relationship with her a week after we split up. I was pretty gutted, and quite humiliated at the time, but it was never going to work. Plus, if he’d never called me boring and insulted me for having no ‘interests’ – I would never have started blogging.

The One?

After another year of being single, Jack came into my life. This is an interesting story and something we both love telling. Basically, he came into my life soon after I’d became single. He did my induction back when I first began working at an open tourist farm, telling me he would never see me again because he only worked on a Saturday and I’d work during the week. A few weeks down the line, I bumped into him, and worked with him on weekends during the summer. A few months after this – Halloween to be exact, we worked together on a Ghost Busters section of works Halloween activities. Two months after this – we never looked back.

We began talking at our works Christmas do, which soon developed into texting over Christmas. Jack had a reputation of being a bit of a party animal at this point, something which I’m obviously not, so I cut ties with him and we stopped texting. Of course, we still got on and we still spoke to each other more and more during work – obviously at this point, I regretted the decision I made. A few days after toying over the idea of whether or not to leave him a message; he messaged me. Only this time, it was about his visa application for a year away in Australia. I was absolutely gutted, but we continued to talk, which ultimately resulted in a few dates, to a relationship, to me applying for my Working Holiday Visa. In July, we’d booked one way tickets to Brisbane together and we’ve never looked back.

After years of being walked all over, I never imagined I’d be living my dream of travelling around Australia with a person I bloody adore; I never thought I could love somebody so much or feel so loved back;I’ve never experienced feelings or happiness quite like it. I love the feeling of waking up next to somebody I care about so deeply every single day; sharing incredible experiences together and the flutter of butterflies in my stomach whenever I catch him looking at me.

My auntie once told me that you have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince – and she’s right. Being dumped or cheated on or feeling heartbroken can be incredibly painful. You think that you’ll be single forever, like everybody you meet are all in happy relationships and you will forever be messed around or ignored. I’ve certainly felt this way. After my second relationship, I took some time to myself. Before things became serious with Jack, I wasn’t even looking for a relationship; it was the last thing I wanted with it being my final year at university and with career prospects in the pipe line. But I guess the best things happen unexpectedly.

To be honest, I wrote this post on a whim, as a bit of a ramble and when I eventually hit publish (today is your lucky day) – I’m still unsure whether or not this post is suitable for my blog. Nonetheless, relationships can be tricky and they come with both happiness and sadness. My biggest tip if you are currently single? Embrace it; discover yourself; have fun; enjoy being selfish; and expect the unexpected.

Happy Valentines Day!


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